Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Another month goes by....

Where does  all the time go?  I have been busy with so many things.....

We are in the middle of another major construction project.  This time I am flying solo.  My BAM has and storage and memory RAM problem in his grey matter...or put another way he is overloaded at work and said that I have to do this one on my own and he will be a consultant.

So I am the site manager, project manager, engineering manager and what ever else I need to be in order to get the pool installed.

We have decided to install a fiber glass after a friend of mine had a kangaroo land in her above ground pool...there was no water left in the pool when they discovered the shredded lining.

As our house sits on a hill I have had to get the excavator back and cut into the hill.  I have then had to get a contractor in to do the retaining wall work (about 50 meters).  This has not been easy as who would have thought that there would be an undersupply of contractors....and as we struggled to get someone to do the work in the time frame we have had to push back the pool installation till November. 

The pool is going here

The pool will be this shape

10m Corbree
I have organised the paver, the concreter, the fencer and the turf contractors......they are all on the master plan all locked in at the right dates......they have all promised to turn up!!!!!!!

So getting back to BAM the consultant....he has had to sign off on all the "works" schedules I have put together.  This has been a very interesting process.  To give you some insight...this is the telephone conversation I have been having.  This is the one I have with the quarry.  Hi Will its me again.  I have to get a quote on drainage aggregate.  ..........(after we exchange more details and get the prices I say).....Ok thanks Will I will have to get this included in the costings and get the works schedule signed off so you might not hear from me for a few days..  to which Will says "Your married to an engineer aren't you.?"  To which I say "Married no, Engineer yes" and he says "You can always tell"!!!!

Spring has arrived and the garden has come alive

And what have I been sewing and making.  I have finished the poncho for my girl.  She loves it so much she sleeps with it...I have been trying to get a photo and no luck ....but will keep trying.

I have been doing more paper piecing and crocheting the blankets for the camper.  I have had trouble with the camera so will try to get some pics ASAP

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  1. Crikey V - what an undertaking!!!! you never do anything by halves do you!!! xxxx H
    Helen F