Friday, January 17, 2014

Christmas - we went spanish

So thought that we would try something a little different. This year Christmas was in Melbourne so we celebrated Christmas Eve and I made Spanish paella


And in the morning we had Spanish omelette.....

In addition lots of Harcourts pear cider was consumed. (of special note I can happily say that there was no gastro to speak of this year so we all enjoyed our food.)

........and the annual Gingerbread house competition between the boys and girls was on again.

The first exhibit was the boys entry......structurally sound, yet chaotic - and featuring for the first time in 2014 the liquorice robot on the right hand side of the house - with a Jaffa on it's head. ( I suspect he is still in the house somewhere hidden from the clean-up campaign manager - Mummy)

 and next we have the girls entry.  This year, in recognition of the cold weather we had for Mummy's birthday, we had snow.....ascetically very pleasing with great colour coordination and patterns...of particular note on the side of the house this year we have a blue M&M lap pool.... just like Paul Bangays!)

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