Monday, February 18, 2013

I've been reading

I have nearly finished the crochet rug.  Just stitching in the ends of wool.  It is a long job but there are 400 blocks...half way there at the moment
Since I have nearly finished this I am looking for my next project and have a thing for circles at the would think that the George Town Turnaround would have put me off?
I saw this book and all the different circles that it has on offer and have not been able to put it down.....all those blue tags are pages of inspiration. 


I also have bought this book recently and there a block in here I am going to have a go is an excellent book.  I generally tend not to like modern blocks but this book grabbed my attention.  Will show you the block when I make one up as I think I might be adapting it.  Again the yellow tags are the blocks I like.... never is it simple....I just love everything.

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  1. Hey V I know what you mean - I like doing "pointy" blocks too!! What a pain in the butt it is sewing in the ends of wool - I hate it. Can hardly wait to see your beautiful rug finished!!! How many more sleeps now?? Helen F