Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I think we have a solution to the internet problems here

Finally I am back.  We have had some issues with the Internet and I am not sure they are resolved but we are trying something new.  Fingers crossed.

So my absence has been, in part due to Internet and in part due to being very busy.  I have not known which way was up for a while.  Even one of the kiddelinks knew how I felt.

We have been getting some big projects finished around the house .......

We have another one about to start this week or next.  The carport.

I have gotten busy with crochet again.  I have been making some of these.  I have used the patterns from VendulkaM 

I am about to start making Christmas presents.  Thought I might make the teachers the sprocket pillow from cluck cluck sew.

Also been enjoying country life:

Sunrises (because I am awake at dawn - lack of blinds will do that)

Bonfire nights (cleaning up all the dead wood that has gathered around the place)

And all walks up to the top of the hill...all the rain we have been having  it is so very green..won't be like this in January

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  1. "HOORAY!!!" your are back!!!! - and still an over achiever!! How do you find time to sew and crochet with all the building, gardening etc going on?? House and grounds looks fantastic! Hope you are all well. Helen F