Monday, May 27, 2013

What a day

We have officially started a new chapter.  We sold our house in Melbourne on Saturday.  It is such a relief.  With relocating our family twice in 15 months, buying land, building a new house and starting new jobs and schools it has been a very big 18 months.  It all came to a natural completion with the sale of our Melbourne house on Saturday.  It was a very emotional day.  And here on the other side of it I feel nothing but relief and a little sadness of saying goodbye to the house and the garden.

However a new chapter is starting now and therefore a new set of challenges, new garden and new interior designing/furnishing and new projects.  The first of which are new curtains, new tractor and new carport.  We have started the garden.  I have only shown you half the front lawn because that is all there is...we can't do the other half until we sort out the "Telstra issues"......

And yes it is true we have a green patch of grass and lots of dry grass.  We need rain.  This week they say.


  1. Wow, can't believe you have green grass already - you're a legend! and...look at all those plants waiting to go in!
    It must have been sad to see that beautiful house and garden go, after all the time and effort spent on it - but many congratulations. I'll now look forward to my next visit and hopefully a stay in the new house - maybe Jan??!! xx

  2. Oh V - its sooo sad when its the end of an era the old house was great, not to mention your beautiful garden!!! Hope you dug up all your roses!!!! Looking forward to checking out the new one!!!!!!
    Helen F