Sunday, May 6, 2012

I've got the Crochet bug much so that I have managed to whip this little number up over the weekend....might make it into a cushion.  (Pattern is found here). 

Guess what everyone might be getting for Christmas......

Then I could not decide on which block to do next so I had a go at a few

Then I made this great cushion cover. The pattern "Mable" can be found here.  I am experimenting with colour combinations based on the wool I can get my hands on.  You know when you start making something you get that feeling that this is NQR well that is what I had with this one.

This is one side I just have to make the other side

Told you I have had the bug......


  1. You can be sooo obsessive!!! How is the ripple rug and the flower cushion going???? Helen F

  2. Just "whipped it up over the weekend" eh??? Are you a machine??!! How do you get so much done with everything else going on in your life?? They all look great. Well done you!