Thursday, March 15, 2012

Voilà, Ta-dah, Hooray........

It's FINISHED...(well all except the quilting).  Totally hand pieced and it only took 2.5 years to finish.


I am just not sure that I am brave enough or patient enough to hand quilt this.

....And just so you don't think I have been absent for all this time and doing nothing...I am experimenting with fruit cakes.  I made this one which is a peach is from the latest Better Homes and Gardens and it is a from Weight Watchers...does that mean I can have more because it was very yummy.

I have also made a yummy pineapple cake from the Woman's Weekly via Auntie H...I just forgot to take a photo and this was very yummy as well...I will just have to make another so that I can take a photo.


  1. Hey V your quilt looks fantastic. "congratulations" on finishing it!!!! glad your pineapple cake turned out ok, just about to look up the recipe for apple and sultana cake which was on frayed at the edge blog. Helen F

  2. Wow - well done, the little bit I can see of it looks awesome!! The cake looks pretty good too! Once again, I wish we just lived down the road from each other!