Saturday, October 1, 2011

A New Bag

Having three kids means that before I begin anything I need a extra pair of holding hands crossing the road, holding hands walking together in crowded places....etc so having a hand bag really isn't an option.  I have been using a leather back pack...but due the enormous amount of things I need to carry around like: nappies, wipes, tissues, lollipops, shopping bags (envirosaxs...but more on that later), wallets, phones and poor back pack died..the straps all split away at the seams ripping the time for a more utilitarian and heavy duty bag.....

Don't you love it...I fell in love with the fabric....probably not as many pockets as I would like but it is doing the job and I can sling it across my body and be hands free.  Did I say I love the fabric?  It is by Lily Bloom

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