Thursday, September 8, 2011

Life is very precious...

Well in the last month we have had a some serious life issues crop up. (and you can't get more serious than this).

Someone we all work with died at work at his desk.  He was in his forties and it has really shocked everyone.  Life changed for us all in a second.
And then much more confronting...Cancer.  One of our closest friend's world has changed in a week.  From getting up Monday morning feeling nauseous and thinking that he had hepatitis (Dr's thought then that was the problem) to being told he had to have scans, then biopsy's then the news on Friday of multiple tumors in his liver.....with about a million questions remaining unanswered...where is the primary, is this the primary metastases, calcium is leeching? why? tumors in the pancreas? Tumors in the intestine and oesophagus?  Three weeks later with major internal bleeding and hospitalization and now treatment and surgery there is some more light but still a million questions, opinions and options....and then  6 weeks later stopping chemo as the tumors are growing.

So all we can do is ........

I asked and continue to ask am I leading the right life for me? I have asked my BAM this question as well.  We have both answered no.

What do I want ...have my family close always and to sit around all day sewing but getting paid the same amount of money I currently earn at my job. 

I look at my dear friend Meredithe and know it is possible to do the things you love......
I look at Basia - one of the most inspirational women I know.....She gives me the "life perspective" that I easily lose when I get busy and then I find the courage to make decisions that are right for my family.

Right now the planets are aligning as they do every 5-7 years in my life and I know that what is around the corner are some big changes coming.

So how much sewing have I done?  believe it or not will see next post.

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  1. So sorry to hear the news of your friends. Life is indeed very precious and we should make the most of all our opportunities. Best wishes for the decisions you are facing - you will know what is right in the end. xx